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Casino Style Poker Tables from Rye Park
Made in the USA

At Rye Park Poker we use the highest quality materials in the construction of our poker tables. Our Casino Poker tables and equipment have to stand up in the 24/7 Casino environment, so we  use the most durable materials available. Our client base of large Casino s demand only the best and most durable equipment!

Casino Quality Tables : Here's what it takes.

All of our poker table tops are crafted in the USA. We use the finest quality woods to ensure a flat playing surface and a long life on all of our Casino Gaming Tables and Poker Tables.

  • Most of our poker tables and casino gaming tables are made with 2 pieces of 3/4" Birch wood, our rails are constructed of high quality Luan ply woods.

  • Each poker table top and rail is shapes with a large CNC Router to produce a precise cut and radius. Once we produce the CNC parts each poker table rail is hand crafted by skilled wood craftsmen to complete the poker rail side walls

  • We use the highest quality materials in the covering and finishing process of our poker tables.

  • We use the Official thickness of foam under the playing surface along with a moisture barrier.

  • We use only the highest grade vinyls in the construction of our poker table rails.

    All of our upholstery work is done by our trained skilled workers. Our upholstery specialists have over 20 years experience and have use of all the best equipment.

    All of our metal bases and poker beverage cart frames are custom fabricated.

    Rye Park Poker is now making available to the public all of the materials and tools that we use to build our Poker Tables and gaming equipment. Due to the growing requests we get from customers, we now sell our poker table hardware and accessories in addition to our tables.

    Buy Our Casino Quality Components:

    • Custom fabricated folding poker table legs (same folding poker table legs as used on the tables at the World Series of Poker)

    • Poker table pedestal bases,

    • Custom sized poker table Rails only

    • poker table felts layouts.

    • Poker table foam, poker rail foam

    • Poker rail vinyl

    • Even the specialty tools we use to build our poker tables; staple guns, air hoses and compressors, staples, heat guns, foam cutters and all the best poker tools available.

    We will also soon have Instructional DVD with step by step instructions on how to build a poker table and detailed instructions on Poker Table Rail upholstery. We know that many of you want to build your own tables and we get many calls and emails requesting this information.

    One of our most impressive products included on most of our Poker tables are the table game layouts or poker table felts as some people call them. Though the term "Felts" is still being used, our layouts are made of a very high quality polyester material not felt. For an educational background on table game layouts or felts, go read our section on The History of Table Game Layouts Poker Felts.

    We can print a full color graphic on our layout material. Through our exclusive printing process we can achieve a long lasting full color layouts that have extremely high quality and long life! Please send request for a quote


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