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Custom Poker Table Felts, Custom Poker Cloth
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Rye Park Gaming manufactures casino grade polyester custom poker table layouts (also known as Poker Felts).

Our exclusive fabric is created specifically for use as poker tables felts and is post-treated with a "brushing" process, which creates the perfect "nap" or "pile" on the poker fabric.  This nap allows the cards to move across the felts, but not too fast.  This nap also creates a soft feel so it will not hurt poker players' or dealers' fingers overtime. 

Our Custom Poker Felts and Poker Layouts

Using the latest technology, our deep ink penetration on our Poker Felts and Blackjack felts creates long lasting vibrant colors and images, and reduces usage wear in the dealer area, increasing the life span of each
layout. Only the highest quality synthetic material is used for its non-stretch, fire retardant, stain- resistant and ultimate wear-resistant characteristics. The backing material under the layout provides extra durability.

Longer wearing poker felts require fewer changes, less down time, less labor costs to apply and remove them, which translates to more profit. Rye Park has recently started producing Polyester layouts also, read our section on Polyester layouts. (link to the Polyester page/section)

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The Most important characteristics about poker table felts or blackjack table felts:

1. The ink or dye must penetrate deep into the fabric so the layout will not fade or turn white.

2. The material must be made of the proper fabric to ensure the cards move smoothly. The cut or nap of the fabric also must be the correct length. The nap must be short enough that the dealers can pitch the cards with ease to the players. It is also important that the nap is not too short, too short of a nap can cause the players and dealer finger tips to get sore. This is the one major complaint we hear about the suited speed cloths out there. We do not carry suited speed cloth, the cards do move fast, but these layouts are made of polyester and they will not last in a Casino environment. This is an example of "you get what you pay for"! Suited speed cloth is very inexpensive and that is why it is so popular , we believe.

3. The poker table layout must also be printed in the correct colors to allow for clear view of the chips in play. This is true for the home game as well as the Casino. The first thing we ask is; are there any chips the same color as the graphics in the logo. Casino's security camera's will lose the chips if they are on a similar color in the logo. So you can see that this will also apply for the home game. You don't want to lose chips in the logo graphics on the table. This can be frustrating and can be easily avoided.

Custom Poker Table Felts, Custom Poker Cloth

Custom Poker Table Layout Designs

Full color custom poker table felts are a great way to customize any poker table, it's also relatively inexpensive and very easy to do.Removing your old felt or poker table layout and installing a new custom felt is very easy, and it will make you feel like you just purchased a new poker table!

At Rye Park Poker we can make any custom poker felt, our graphics designers will work with you and help you create a totally custom full color poker felt.You can use company logos, you family name, photos etc.Please send a request for a custom layout.Also read our section on installing poker table felts & layouts.We give you step by step instructions on how to install your custom poker felts to your existing poker or gaming table.

We can also help you find the right tools for the job.We have a complete poker table felt layout installation kit, it comes with staple gun, compressor, staples mist bottle, etc. everything you need to install your own layouts.

To read some customer feedback on our custom poker felts (custom poker layouts) you can go to the "Chip Talk Website"

 Please send a request for a custom layout

Visit our Custom Poker Felt Design gallery

Close-up of a Custom Poker Table Felt Design, Custom Poker ClothClose-up of a Custom Poker Table Felt Design, Custom Poker Cloth


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