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Poker Table Supplies & Hardware

Rye Park Gaming has a complete line of Poker Table Supplies & Hardware and all casino gaming table accessories :
  • poker chip trays
  • molded plastic chip trays
  • metal chip trays with locking tops
  • Blackjack chip trays
  • all casino g gaming hardware

Special note about chip trays:  Chip trays come in all shapes and sizes, be sure to measure the exact size and or we recommend ordering and receiving your chip trays prior to cutting out your chip tray holes in your gaming tables.

Drop Boxes

We also make available several sizes and styles of poker table drop boxes. We have the older standard metal drop boxes, 8" x 8". We also have the more popular Slimline drop boxes. Slimline drop boxes are becoming the new standard size for drop boxes in most casino in Vegas and around the USA. We have the drop box sleeves, cam locks, keys and rods if needed. These boxes can also be used on blackjack tables and all other casino table games.

Other poker table top hardware such as metal drop slides are available also. We have a very high quality metal drop slide mechanism that is very popular with Casino in the US. This drop slide is usually located to the right of the dealer chip tray and is used for taking the Casino's Rake.

The drop slide is used so the casino chip is away from the dealers hand when the chip is released and drops into the drop box. This was originally invented to keep the dealer from palming or stealing the chips as they go into the drop boxes. With this setup and the chip located away from the dealers hand, the Casino's Security and Surveillance cameras can see the chip fall into the drop boxes.

There are also bill slots in brass and silver, chip slots for toke ns and tips. Toke n boxes, side toke boxes, tables signage, paddles etc.

Call or email for quotes or see our online store for detailed product description.

Shufflemaster Deckmate

Another very popular poker table hardware item is the use of a Shufflemaster Deckmate card shuffler. These card shuffling machines greatly increase the casino or card rooms revenue as they can get in several thousand more hands per month. More hands mean more rake with means more profits. If you work out numbers over the course of a year and even months it is amazing.

Shufflemaster typically only sells the Deckmate machines to licensed casinos, and even then the retail price for each Deckmate is $14 ,000. Most Casinos lease the Shufflemaster Deckmates for about $500 per month and they also sell them service contracts.

Recently Shufflemaster has started to sell these Deckmates to the general public, though the price is still close to $15 ,000 each for a brand new unit. This is the ultimate addition to any high end poker table! We have built many custom poker tables with Shufflemaster Deckmates built in. We can route the poker table at any location our customers would like. Plesase send a request for a quote on custom poker tables with Shufflemaster Deckmates built in.

Still haven't found what you are looking for? Send us a note via our customer contact page, it's fast and easy! Or Call 702-722-2900.



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