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Why Use Poker Beverage Carts?

The Perfect addition to any High End Poker Room!

Poker Room beverage carts or beverage trays are an important addition to any poker table or Poker Room. The poker beverage cart and serving carts allow the food and drinks to be kept away from the table, and it avoids damaging spills and stains caused by food and spilled drinks. If you have a nice expensive table it's a must to have some beverage carts. It also adds a nice high end touch to any Poker Room!

At Rye Park we manufacture our own line of Beverage cart and Diner or Serving trays. All of our carts have molded Corian polished tops! This Corian gives a very high end expensive look to the beverage cart but it also is a very strong scratch resistant surface! These tops can come in several colors and styles.

The frames of beverage carts are metal and we have them powder coated to match the tops and to protect from scratches. The frames are made of thick steel tubing for durability and long life.

All of our poker carts have double nylon casters for easy movement to the players. Our casters or wheels are very easy and inexpensive to replace. All wheels will get dirt and debris caught in them, our wheels are made specifically to replace with ease. Our Beverage & Serving carts are the best in the Industry! These carts can be found in several top Casino's in the US, such as the Bicycle Club in Los Angeles , The Commerce Casino, The Hustler Casino, Harrah's Rio, Harrah's Ak-chin and many more.

The Beverage cart has 2 molded cup holders, and the top surface area is 12" x 16" with a 24" height.

The Serving or Dinner Cart has the same polished top with a surface area of 16" x 20" with a 27" height.

These poker carts are a great finishing touch to any Poker Room. Casino's and Home Games, no matter what size poker room, these carts will add a high-end look and feel. Our Beverage & Serving carts function not only by holding beverages but also to keep drinks and food away from the table to prevent damage and stains.

These poker carts are also very valuable if you allow smoking at the poker table. Keep players cigarettes and ash trays far away from the expensive rail and poker table layout. Ash trays can be inserted into the cup holders to function as an ashtray that can be removed. The Corain tops are also burn resistant so they will not get marked up over time.

Orders of 100 or more carts can come in a variety of color patterns.

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  • Beverage cart tops have all rounded corners to allow for easy cleaning.
  • Metal frames for durability and long life.
  • Nylon double casters/wheels that are easy to replace if damaged.
  • Scratch resistant tops for long life.
  • Beverage cart can store under Dinner cart.

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