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How to Felt a Poker Table -
Installation instructions

Felt a poker table with our exclusive layouts

We offer poker table layouts (poker table felts) made of 100% Synthetic material. We print our poker felts on white fabric and can achieve any full color graphic image.

Step by Step Instructions on installing our Synthetic Poker Felts/Layouts:

Your poker layouts will come folded for shipping purposes.

1. Center the gaming layout on the poker table and make sure it is facing the correct direction.

2. Pull from side to side and end to end, this will flatten out the poker layout and remove any wrinkles.Measure your distances and logos and make sure everything is even.

4. Once the gaming layout is where you want it, start at one long end of the table, put about 7-10 staples in- then go to the opposing side, pull the table game layout a good amount until tight, put another 7-10 staples in-then go to the middle of the table (opposite side of the dealer spot) pull about half of the slack out of the layout and then staple 7-10 staples- go the the dealer side, pull the rest of the slack tight and staple 7-10.

5. Repeat this process again, but start with the corners this time...pull the stack tight, 7-10 staples then go to the opposing side and repeat.

6. Now fill in the rest of the gaps evenly with staples.

7. Trim the edges with a blade.

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