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10 Person Poker Table WITH Foldable Legs

Folding Leg Tournament Poker Table
Tournament Folding Leg Poker Table

This is the "Top of the Line" in tournament poker tables. This hold em poker table comes with our Exclusive 100% Synthetic poker felt! Our custom fabricated folding leg system has a locking nob to add to it's stability. This poker table will feel as if it's on a metal pedestal base! All our poker tables are routed for dealer chip tray, Rake and Tokes. No dealer tray available same price.

These poker table tops are 98" x 45" in size. Your choice of Black or Tan Viny for the padded poker raill- Choice of Nylon Poker Fabric: Green, Dark Green, Blue, Dark Blue, Black. This poker table will seat 10 players and a dealer. Larger sizes available.

Same Table used at the "World Series"!

Folding Leg Tournament Poker Table
Folding Leg Tournament Poker Table 

Great poker table to use when you need a high-end poker table but a portable foldiing leg. This poker rail and all our poker rails are removable, this allows you to safely transport the table in 2 peices. The rail will not get damaged and the poker table top can be carried with ease.

Mix and match any of our poker table tops with our folding leg system.

This is our Best Seller! Usually ship within 7-10 days or Purchase!

Please call or email for details. Quantity Discounts available! 702-722-2900

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