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These High End Tournament poker tables come with our Exclusive custom fabricated folding legs. These legs were originally built for the World Series of Poker tables in 2004. This folding leg has an oval tube construction and is very stable, when locked into place this table will feel like it's on a pedestal base!

Dealer chip tray, drop boxes and toke ns available. 98" x 45" x 29" height with 5 1/2" rail and dealer position. Choice of layout/felt and choice of rail vinyl.

Tournament Poker Tables with Folding Legs
Tournament Poker Tables with Folding Legs

At Rye Park we have many years experience in the Casino Industry and the Poker community. We have worked with several top Casino’s all over the World and we have close relationships with several of the top Poker Room Managers through out the United States.

Over the years we have learned many important qualities that go into building a good Tournament Poker table. We know what is important to the Players, Dealers, Tournament Directors and Poker Room Managers.

Top 10 Characteristics in a Good Tournament Poker Table:

1. Comfortable for all players, enough room for all Players, Dealers and poker table hardware.

2. The Poker table Layout or “felt” must be made of the proper fabric so cards move with ease and the dealers can pitch the cards to the players.

3. Very important in the poker table “felt” or layout is: The colors cannot be distracting, and the colors/logos MUST NOT be similar in color to the chips in play as they can get lost in the layout. This can be a big problem not only to poker players and dealers but also for Casino Surveillance cameras.

4. Choice of poker layout color. It’s best to have a slightly dark color, these darker colors will hide dirt, all layout will get dirty. If you choose a light color they will show dirt fast. The darker colors will get you more life out of your layouts, and in turn save you money.

5. The foam must the proper thickness and density: some casinos and poker table builder's use a ¼” closed cell foam, this is not correct, this is too hard and players and dealer cannot get their fingers under the cards or chips with ease. It will also be rough on the dealers fingers over several hours per day.

6. A good soft poker table rail with good quality vinyl, soft and durable. The poker rails will be removed to set up and break down between large poker tournaments. The poker rail must also be removable for portability reasons. It is also good to have the removable rails as it will reduce the possibility of damage to the poker rail.

7. Stable poker table legs, so once the poker table is set up the it will feel stable, like it's a pedestal base poker table! *Our legs were originally custom fabricated for the World Series of Poker in 2004 when they moved to the Rio Ball Room. They are constructed of very thick strong oval shaped tubing to produce the ultimate poker table folding leg.

8. Proper location of poker table hardware- so it is not in the way of poker players and the poker dealer. The drop boxes must be wide enough so the dealer has leg room. Poker table signage must be in the correct location. If there are Shuffle Master deckmate card shufflers, they must be routed to the poker table in the correct location.

9. A good poker table must also be the Official height 28.5"-29” to the playing surface. This is important in a poker table as you have to take into account the height of the poker chairs, which are 18”. These proportion must be correct to ensure comfort to all players.

10. Durability- the tournament poker table materials must stand up to the daily abuse of the chips, cards, players and drinks etc. Thick strong vinyl's, high quality foams and quality upholstery work! High grade poker layout poker felts. All these factors are important in a high quality poker table.



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