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Poker Table Pedestals and Bases

At Rye Park Poker we use the highest quality materials in the construction of our poker tables. Our Casino Poker tables and equipment have to stand up in the 24/7 Casino environment. We have to build equipment for the 500lbs player as well as the 90lbs Player. Our Casino equipment must be able to take the constant punishment of the Casino players. Typical furniture is only used part of the day, weather it be work furniture like chairs and desks or Home furniture. Casino equipment must be stronger and in turn last longer to handle the 24/7 use and abuse from the Casino Patrons, at Rye Park we keep this in mind when building our equipment.

All of our metal work is done using the highest standards in metal work. We use the best quality materials to ensure a high quality product.

Our folding metal legs are custom fabricated in the USA. These legs were originally designed and produced for the "World Series" in 2004 when it was moved to the Harrah's Rio. These legs are an Oval tube construction and are very strong and sturdy. Once these custom poker table legs are locked into place, the poker table will feel like it's on a Pedestal base!

Our Folding Poker legs can be used with any of our poker tables to create a high quality but portable and easy to move poker table! These legs are also very popular with "Casino Night" Companies and Texas Holdem poker table rental companies. Fold the legs down very quickly and it allows you to move the poker tables and transport them anywhere. These folding poker legs can also be added to a Blackjack table and allows you to convert any Black or other table game into a portable table. These legs are easily installed to any table, there are 4 anchor points for the legs with 4 screws each and one anchor point in the middle the secure the stretcher. (Call or email for detail information)

At Rye Park we also design and manufacture our a 12" diameter column double pedestal poker table base with Chrome foot rail!

These large poker bases have a very high end look and are a great addition to any high end poker table. These poker bases are the Ultimate in a High end poker table will really impress the players. These bases have a thick chrome foot rail and the base can be laminated in a choice of patterns and colors. Custom Powder Coating also available. These bases ship in a separate crate and weight approximately 200lbs.

We have several other lines of poker table bases, we have metal casino style poker bases with chrome foot rails and 6" diameter columns which would be considered a standard casino poker base. We also build a number of styles of wood poker table bases. Our wood poker tables bases are custom jobs and are a H-frame design with a wood beam stretcher. The table bases can also come with a brass or chrome foot rail. Also see our section of wood poker tables for images and more detailed information on all our wood blackjack table and poker table bases.

These high end poker table bases and pedestals have a very high end look because the quality is built in

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